8 Words Every Coffee Lover Should Know

By Death Wish Coffee — / Coffee Talk

There are two types of coffee lovers in this world: those who drink it and those who live it. If you don't know where you stand, what it all comes down to is how you talk about it. Do you say foam or crema? There are intricacies in every cup that when you put into words can change everything from how you feel about to how you taste it. Below are eight words that every coffee lover needs to know. 


1. Crema

Crema refers to the layer of foam on a shot of espresso. The presence of crema is thought to be an attribute of a high-quality espresso pull and often comes in a darkish tan color. 

A shot of espresso with crema.


2. Cupping

Like wine, coffee is intricate and has different levels of taste and value. In order to explain these things, coffee cupping is the observe the tastes and aromas of the brews. 

 A barista performing coffee cupping. 

3. Roast 

Roast is one of the most commonly used terms to describe coffee and depends greatly on taste preference. The natural green beans from coffee are essentially "cooked" in a roaster until they reach their desired temperature and shade.

A coffee roaster roasting whole bean dark roast.

4. Finish

Also known as the aftertaste. Is essential to describing coffee flavors such as chocolate, burnt, citrus, tobacco etc. 

An image of a coffee mug filled with black coffee and coffee beans spilling on the table. 

5. Balance 

Balance refers to the complexity of a coffee. It is used when no one flavor outweighs another. 

 An image of coffee being poured.


6. Robusta   

Robusta beans are a less commonly used bean in coffee production. They contain more caffeine than arabica beans. 

An image of robusta coffee beans.


7. Arabica 

Arabica beans are the most commonly used beans in the commercial coffee industry. They originated in the highlands of Ethopia. 

Arabica coffee plant.


8. Grind 

Every brewer and style of making coffee will require a different grind of coffee. For instance, espresso should be made with a finer grind but pour over coffee should be made with a coarser grind.

Coffee grinds.


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