Gingerdead Coffee: Here for the Hellidays

By Megan Dority — / Coffee Talk

Gingerdead Coffee—Without the Fake Sh*t

A festive blend of ginger, allspice and nutmeg—Gingerdead brews cups of holiday cheer sure to warm even your cold, dead heart. And it’s here just in the Saint (Nick) of time to resurrect you from the helliday madness.

Unlike other seasonal flavors, our Gingerdead Coffee is all-natural, aka no fake sh*t. So you can feel good about indulging this season because our coffee is made with organic ingredients and is Fair Trade Certified. Basically, you get to enjoy the flavors of your grandma’s top secret gingerbread recipe without the guilt. You’re also  supporting the farmers who grow the bold a** robusta and arabica beans we use to roast our coffees into delicious mugs of cheer. Talk about a win-win.

Gingerbread cookies on a countertop next to a gingerbread house and a bag of Gingerdead Coffee. 

Sleigh the Season with Gingerdead

Stop procaffeinating. Gingerdead Coffee is only available for a limited time. An easy gift for anyone on your list—because let’s be real, 7/10 Americans drink coffee. But do they drink the strong stuff? If not, it’s time to introduce them to the World’s Strongest Coffee with a holiday twist. Our seasonal recipe infuses medium roasted robusta and arabica beans with a festive mix of ginger, allspice, nutmeg and even more ginger. Like a fiery kick to the tastebuds and a cozy hug from the Grim Reaper, this sweetly spiced blend is something to pine over.

Here’s What You Need to Know 

Limited time only. Gingerdead Coffee is available for a limited time only—because the hellidays don’t last forever.

What is it? Our Gingerdead Coffee is a brand-new seasonal blend that is here for a very limited time. Roasted to perfection and spiced with ginger, cassia, clove and rosemary, this blend was designed to transport you over the meadow and through the woods in a hell chariot of warmth and splendiferousness.

Indulge your Senses.

  • Aroma: Warm brown spices of ginger, cinnamon and clove.
  • Taste: Warm brown spices, ginger forward, followed by cinnamon and clove. Nice sweetness balanced with moderate coffee impact.
  • Acidity: Low
  • Body: Medium
  • Aftertaste: Subtle heat from ginger and spices—not bitter.

How do you brew? Gingerdead Coffee comes in ground coffee and Death Cups, aka single-serve pods.

Where can I get it? You can find it online and in our retail shop—while supplies last.

No artificial flavoring. We don’t like BS—so we make sure we’re using the freshest ingredients that give it a true festive flavor—without the chemicals you can’t pronounce.

Fair Trade + Organic. We source only high-quality Fair Trade Certified robusta + arabica beans and organic ingredients.

Healthy AF. No fat, no artificial sugars, just strong a** gingerbread coffee—with a deadly spin.

Allergens? Gluten, Nut, etc.? Our coffees are free of any nut or gluten allergens and are produced in facilities that are nut and gluten free as well.

Even warm gingerbread on a winter’s morning. Spice it up and savor the season with Gingerdead Coffee. It’s like a holiday party—but in your mouth. Your taste buds will thank you. 

A banner with a gingerdead man that says "Gingerdead Season: Shop Gingerdead Coffee."
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