How To Make Your Dark Days More Medium

By Megan Dority — / Coffee Talk

Lighten up.

If you love the darkness of a quiet morning with a steaming cup of fresh, dark coffee—as dark as you can get it—then the prospect of a medium roast may freak you out (cue lightning bolt and crash of thunder). But breathe easy, friends. This Medium Roast was developed with the best—and darkest intentions.  

Even though you might be totally stoked to pour a mug (or two or three) of our smooth, delicious, robust, smoky, toasty, chocolatey, intense and highly caffeinated OG strong coffee, now you’re going to want to add another badass brew to your daily ritual. 

You’re ready to welcome Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast. 

A box of Medium Roast k-cups and a bag of Medium Roast Grounds sitting on a black background.
How Does It Taste? 

The flavor profile is a big deal to us at DWC. We cultivate and roast coffee beans for the World’s Strongest Medium Roast that taste really, really good. It’s not acidic. It’s not bitter. It’s mellow and smooth and still pretty freaking bold (but not dark). Simply put, the Medium Roast is balanced. With notes of stone fruit, hints of caramel and the sweet nuttiness of roasted peanuts—you’re getting a caffeine buzz of excitement just thinking about it, aren’t you? 

How Is It Done?  

The three varieties of USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade coffee beans for the World’s Strongest Medium Roast are grown at high altitudes in Ethiopia, India and Peru. 

That’s right. Three. 

Robusta for caffeine, Arabica for smoothness and flavor and Yirgacheffe for, well, the most delicious medium-ness? Whatever it’s for, it works. Every bean is roasted to medium perfection for your coffee-drinking pleasure. 

Does It Have Caffeine? 

Well, duh. Who do you think you’re dealing with here?  It might surprise you that the roasting process has little effect on the caffeine content. So whether you’re sipping a medium or dark roast, both blends pack the same caffeine punch. And before you blow a fuse over what your local barista said, you should know that it’s actually pretty tricky to make a highly caffeinated medium or dark roast taste good. Lucky for you, DWC blends the bitter but caffeinated Robusta beans with the Arabica and Yirgacheffe beans to give you this great-tasting, most caffeine coffee in a beautifully balanced Medium Roast 

Grown at higher altitudes, the blend is ideal for those who want something lighter than a dark roast, without sacrificing the extra kick of caffeine. Smooth as the day is long, our Medium Roast provides that boost you need to go for bold.

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