How to Best Store Your Coffee

By Megan Dority — / Coffee Talk

Keep Your Coffee Fresh to Death

Besides picking the right coffee, aka the World’s Strongest Coffee, knowing how to properly store those highly caffeinated beans is a key factor in making that perfect cup. After all, coffee is the vital liquid magic that keeps us going through the longest days.

They say to keep your friends close but your enemies closer. While that may be the case for us, it’s not the case for coffee. Coffee’s archenemies? Air, moisture and heat. These factors strongly impact the freshness of your coffee—and ultimately, the taste. If you wanted to drink a cup of stale, tasteless coffee, you’d drink decaf.

A Grim Reaper walking through a graveyard.

Coffee's Worst Enemies

The main factors that impact the freshness of coffee are pretty in line with the Grim Reaper’s hit list.

  • Air: Just like most perishables, when exposed to air, those organic molecules within the coffee beans break down faster—meaning your coffee will go stale faster. And that’s exactly why  you need an airtight canister to keep those beans fresh as hell.
  • Moisture: Coffee beans absorb the flavor of things around them. And, as a porous substance, they soak them up when exposed to moist, humid conditions. (Anyone else hate the word "moist"?)
  • Heat: Just like Nosferatu the Vampire, these beans can’t stand sunlight. Exposing your coffee to heat and UV can quickly dull the flavor of your coffee.

While coffee beans don’t necessarily go bad, they can lose their flavor and aroma if they’re not stored properly and consumed in a timely manner. To preserve the freshness of your beans for as long as possible, you’ll have to ward off those enemies by storing them in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature…kind of like a coffin.

A bronze color coffee canister sitting on a black countertop next to a bag of Medium Roast and a Chemex.

5 Tips to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

While coffee is a fairly low-maintenance beverage, there are some tips and tricks for maximizing the freshness to guarantee every cup is strong, smooth and fresh.

  1. Keep coffee beans in an airtight container. Storing coffee in an airtight container will seal the deal and keep your coffee fresh AF—no matter the roast. If you don’t want to look like a coffee noob, you’ll have to get your hands on our airtight coffee canisters. Why? Because they’re high tech, BPA free and look sweet. The technology features a plunger lid designed to fit tightly against the inside of the canister. As the lid is pressed down, the oxygen is forced out through a two-way valve. Once the plunger is directly above the contents, flip the handle down to prevent further oxygen exchange. This will dramatically increase the shelf life of those sacred beans. Plus, canisters make it look like you have your sh*t together.
  2. Keep that sh*t dry. We hate the word “moist,” but we’re going to have to use it. When your coffee is exposed to moisture, it can make oxidation occur faster—meaning your coffee will also become stale faster. To avoid a rancid, bitter mug of coffee—keep those beans dry for a strong cup of coffee.
  3. Stay away from light. Hello, darkness. Coffee prefers darkness, just like we do. That’s why we make sure our canisters are as dark as our soul—and not transparent. Pro tip: Keep it away from windows and sunlight, just like our friend, Nosferatu.
  4. Pace yourself. To keep your coffee in optimal freshness, buy your coffee in smaller batches. If you’re ready to join the Society of Strong Coffee, sign up or gift a subscription so your favorite Death Wish Coffee blend arrives just when you need it. Not to mention, you’ll be saving that dough.

The bottom line? Coffee has a lot in common with the Grim Reaper. Keep those precious coffee beans in a cool, dark, dry environment for the best cup of coffee.

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