What's in Most Pumpkin Coffees? Hint: It's not Pumpkin

By Shannon Sweeney — / Coffee Talk

Death Wish Pumpkin Chai Coffee Uses Only Natural Ingredients

First, let me preface with this: I love pumpkin coffee and pumpkin spice lattes and I don't care who knows it. I was the girl who frequented the campus coffee shop for her daily PSL—spending basically my entire meal plan on my pumpkin fix. 

Little did I know these drinks didn't even include natural ingredients. Instead, most pumpkin-flavored drinks are made from a bunch of artificial flavors tricking us into thinking we're drinking different autumnal spices. 

Institute of Food Technologies food scientist, Kantha Shelke has previously said that pumpkin spice's flavor profile only needs 5-10% natural ingredients to trick our brains into thinking we're drinking something that tastes similar to pumpkin pie. That means 90% of the drink is a blend of synthetic chemicals.

Instead of actual nutmeg, they use sabinene. Instead of cloves, they use eugenol. In other recipes, pumpkin spice lattes are literally espresso, milk, and pumpkin-spice syrup. No thanks.

These artificial ingredients aren't the right way to create a pumpkin blend—and that's exactly why we wanted to do a pumpkin blend the right way. Our Pumpkin Chai Coffee is made with all-natural ingredients—not the chemicals you can't pronounce. 

A Chemex, black mug and black and orange bag of Death Wish Pumpkin Chai ground coffee sitting on a wooden kitchen counter.

Our recipe includes: 

The inspiration for our Pumpkin Chai Coffee came from our homemade chai recipe, used at the local coffee shop in Saratoga Springs, where Death Wish Coffee was born. We simmer these spices for 10-12 hours, and then mix it with unroasted coffee beans. After that, we finish off the blend with our signature Death Wish Coffee roasting process.

The final result? A delicious, fresh cup of pumpkin coffee that contains only the freshest ingredients. 

Get your hands on our Pumpkin Chai Coffee for a limited time only. 

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