Is Drinking Coffee Good For You?

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Coffee is good for your health

Is coffee good for you or not? It's a question that hundreds of scientists have tried to answer over the years. There have been studies upon studies about whether or not this zero calorie drink helps you lose weight, if it stunts your growth, or if it causes cancer and other diseases. While we may never know for sure, here are some of the most convincing theories that prove coffee is actually good for your overall health. 

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  1. Coffee might help you lose weight: US National Library Of Medicine recently did a study that took 12 random, healthy people and gave half of them regular coffee and the other half decaf. They then studied their metabolic rates. The results showed the caffeine increased the metabolic rate up to 3 hours after consumption. 
  2. Coffee will not cause cancer: In recent years, there have been many studies that show that coffee actually reduces the risk of cancer. Cancer Research UK explains, "There’s some evidence that chemicals in coffee may be able to improve insulin sensitivity and prevent long-term (chronic) inflammation—both things thought to be involved in the development of cancer. Other researchers have proposed that coffee could protect against DNA damage, slow the growth of tumors or cause damaged cells to die before they develop into cancer."
  3. Coffee doesn't stunt your growth: According to Smithsonian Magazinethis ancient coffee myth was actually rooted in an old advertisement about coffee and children. The issue, they have since found, is not with the coffee but with the lack of sleep, which can lead to obesity and other health problems. 

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