DWC Zodiac: Sun, Moon + Rising Signs

By Audrey Kallenberger — / Lifestyle

WTF are rising signs + why are they important?

You drink coffee like a Leo. 

What’s your sign? When’s your birthday? What time were you born—exactly? What in the hell does it all mean?!  

Astrology is having a bit of a moment right now—pouring into mainstream conversations as quickly as we pour DWC Cold Brew into our mouths. Because looking into one’s Zodiac is so hot right now, we thought we’d further explore the daily influence of the stars, and the sun, and the moon, for that matter.  

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Let’s start with an astrological birth chart. Your birthday indicates your Sun Sign, or the sign that rules the sixth house of your chart. There are actually 12 houses in your chart, but we can’t cover them all today—that would be some next-level cosmic shit. So, we’ll focus on the “Big 3”: Sun, Moon and Rising Signs.  

Sun Signs are indicated by your birthday.  They shine bright light on the core of who you are and your obvious identity in your destiny or purpose. Qualities from this sign will most likely be very apparent in your outward personality. For instance, writers would likely have their sun in Gemini: The curious constellation of the Twins is known to be a whiz with research, words and whit. 

Moon Signs illuminate the recesses of your inner world. They relate to your moods, emotions as they relate to you, and who you are when no one else is around. Your moon is in Taurus? Temperamental bulls deal with stress by intense avoidance in favor of indulgent self-love: marathon naps, three-course takeout and binge-watching TV. Home, comfort and stability are these peeps’ safe spaces.  

Rising, or Ascendant Signs, are the “mask” that you may present—the first impression you make and/or your outlook on the world. This is based on the exact time of your birth, and some find it very influential. The Sagittarian Rising is the homie you seek out for constructive criticism and advice. Direct as the Archer should be, they’re brutally honest, opinionated, optimistic and always seeking new adventures and hilarious ways to view the world.  

Now, go annoy every one of your friends, your spouse, your colleagues by asking them their birth time. And be prepared to learn A LOT more about them than how they take their coffee.   

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