Ways to drink your coffee if you're on the Keto diet

By Shannon Sweeney — / Lifestyle

Can I drink coffee on the Keto diet? 

Changing your food habits or starting a new diet is no doubt challenging. From cutting out certain foods to upping your intake of other foods, it takes A LOT of dedication and self control (I have neither so mad props to those of you who do this). 

One of the more popular diets out there is the Keto diet, which consists of a low-carb, high-fat diet without sugar, grains, and carbs. It's a pretty restrictive list, but we know you're wondering about one thing in particular — coffee. 

An image of cold brew in a mason jar with almond milk being poured in from above.

If you're an avid coffee drinker, giving it up cold turkey isn't an easy task. It comes with caffeine withdrawal symptoms, headaches, and more. But for those switching to the Keto diet, there's great news — you don't have to give it up at all

If you're a cream and sugar person, of course, you need to make some changes. But what are some other ways you can enjoy coffee on the keto diet? Let's take a look. 

Black coffee

Black coffee on its own is two calories. Drinking black coffee will keep you focused, alert, and comes with a ton of health benefits

Coffee with heavy cream

This is different than half and half. Adding two tablespoons of heavy cream can substitute for coffee creamer for those who can't live without it. Two tablespoons of heavy cream with provide 0-2 grams of carb, making it an ideal option for the Keto diet. You can sweeten it up with some sugar-free sweetener. 

Coffee with Grass-Fed Butter

Adding some grass-fed butter to your coffee will give you more energy, focus, and brain power. Adding grass-fed butter makes it a healthy alternative to breakfast foods too.

Coffee with MCT oil 

MCT oil is clear, odorless, and flavorless, so if you add it into your coffee, it doesn't add any extra flavor. When you mix MCT oil into your coffee, it's been shown to increase your metabolic rate, suppress appetite, burn calories, and enhance endurance during exercise. All you have to do is add a tablespoon!

Hint: Combine both grass-fed butter and MCT oil to get bulletproof coffee

Coffee with Keto Coffee creamer

There are a number of different Keto coffee creamers on the market that are low carb and tasty.

Coffee with sugar-free sweeteners

Sugar-free sweeteners like erythritol and stevia are plant-based sweeteners with practically zero calories, which is perfect for the keto diet. 

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