10 mugs that will make you spit out our coffee from laughing

By DeathWishCoffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

These coffee mugs express how you really feel

Individuality. That’s what life is all about, right? Much like you can learn a lot about someone by the coffee that they drink, I tend to think you can learn just as much, if not more, by the mug they’re drinking their daily dose out of. If you rely on coffee as much as I do, you’re not into waiting in line to get your coffee at a drive-thru on the way to work. In fact, it’s probably the only thing dragging your sleepy ass out of bed every morning in the first place.  
Two Death Wish Coffee mugs with humorous sayings


For most of us, coffee is the most important meal of the day. You’ll never catch me without a coffee in hand, fueling through my day. I find comfort in knowing I’m not the only one, as I’m walking down a busy street or propped up in a comfy chair at the bookstore. Coffee is everywhere, but the mug one chooses to carry is only as expressive as the person drinking out of it. One thing is for certain, the mug life chose us.

The coffee mug you use says a lot about you — it tells people how you really feel without you physically having to say it.

Let’s take a look at some of the most comical coffee mugs out there:

1. We all spend far too much time in unproductive meetings that talk about things we haven't had a chance to get done yet because we're always in meetings. It's almost 2018 and technology is great. Anything to avoid human contact will suffice, right? Just email me and get on with your day.

Mug that reads "I survived another meeting that should've been an email"

2. There's only one way to enjoy decaf. That's by throwing it in the trash. Try it.

Mug that reads "I laugh in the face of decaf"

3. Recipe for Iced Coffee: 1. Have kids. 2. Make Coffee. 3. Forget you made coffee. 4. Drink it cold. All I have to say is, good luck.

Mug that reads "May your coffee be strong than your toddler"

4. Honesty is the only way.

Mug that reads "I pretend that coffee helps, but I'm still a bitch"

5. Let them know you don't give a shit how nice their day really is.

Mug that reads "Have a nice day." A middle finger is printed on the underside

6. Some of us like our coffee black, some like a little creamer, some like a little spirit, ayyy. 'Tis the season.

A mug that reads: "This might be vodka"

7. STAT.

Mug that reads: "Poe me a cup" alongside an illustration of a crow atop Edgar Allan Poe

8. I donut care what you do, as long as my mug is full at all times.

A mug that reads: "I donut care" with an illustration of a donut in place of the "o"

9. For those who are obsessed with bacon, or maybe just with each other, since I don't know anyone who doesn't like bacon.

Mugs that read: "Don't go bacon my heart" and "I couldn't if I fried"

10. Just be thankful you aren't Shrek. It doesn't matter how late he is, he's still ugly.

Mug that reads: "Better late than ugly"


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