10 Bad Ass Costumes To Copy From New York Comic Con

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

If there's one thing New York Comic Con taught me (aside from the fact that there are a lot of people who love coffee and comics) it's that I really need to step up my costume game. For instance, last year I decided to wear a purple wig with black lipstick to our Death Wish Halloween party and call that a costume. Honestly, it was lame. After seeing the most insane Pennywise, Spiderman, and Lara Croft that I could ever imagine, my tune is changing and the ideas churning. Below see 10 of the most bad ass cosplayers from NYCC and help me pick one to copy.


1. A shark eating Deadpool. 

Why be just a superhero, when you could be a superhero being eaten by a shark? This is a strong contender. 

2. Wonderwoman  

Yes, it's probably going to be the most popular costume of the year but Wonderwoman is a badass. 

3. Red Skull

This is actually the lowest impact costume you can wear. Order the mask and you're good to go. 


4. Kimpossible

Yes, this was a Disney cartoon but admittedly, the nostalgia is enough to make this a great costume. Plus, you probably have enough stuff in your closet to make this at home. 


5. Barf  

You have the power to make everyone chuckle on Halloween if you dress up like Barf from Spaceballs. Go ahead be that person. 

6. Captain America 

Because who doesn't want to hold this title.. if only for one day. 

7. A spot on spiderman. 

 Repeat after me: a one-step costume is a good costume. 

8. Crash Test Dummy 

9. Pennywise

Another very popular costume this year that is guaranteed to make everyone say "Holy Sh**" when you walk in the room. 

10. Hamburglar

Wow. The hamburglar is a classic. I have chosen.

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