11 Interesting Coffee Stations

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Coffee isn't just that magic brew you make in the morning, it really is a way of life. How we set up our own coffee domains says a lot about who we are and how much time we have to devote to the ritual every day.

Whether it is just a drip coffee machine on a countertop, or a lavish brewing station complete with all the amenities, the coffee setup is one of the most visited spots in your house or office.

Here are some cool and interesting coffee stations we found:

This antique coffee grinder is beautiful in its simplicity. Imagine a simple yet elegant pour over coffee maker just out of frame to complete the station.

This one has it all - mugs for every mood and a few signs to let you know this space is all about coffee.

Not sure if this is art or for practical grab and go use - but is anyone else a little nervous about those mugs?

Another simple yet absolutely stylized setup. Rustic yet reliable - this station would bring a smile to your face in the morning.

Like a hidden treasure, this coffee station explodes into the kitchen when opened. It also looks like a wonderful place to keep anything you'd ever want to put in your coffee, and even some stuff you wouldn't.

Small enough to fit anywhere in your kitchen, this station just seems neat and perfect. The wooden tree ring stand for the Keurig maker is a pretty cool touch.

Mug Life is a well-known thing among the community surrounding Death Wish Coffee, but this is a new level of artistic talent to display your favorite coffee vessels.

Holy Holidays! Guess you could imagine this would be the coffee station you would find in a workshop near the North Pole.

This station looks to have a "yours" and "mine" type setup. Perfect for never waiting around for that first cup of joe.

When you are running low on space, not everything at your coffee station needs to be in plain sight. The drawers are a nice touch with everything in its place.

While this is obviously a restaurant, it makes us all want to drink coffee while sitting in a coffee mug. Coffee - Inception!

How about you? Comment below with your coffee station and share the fun.

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