The 2018 Death Wish Coffee "Hammer" Mug Is Here

By DeathWishCoffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Did someone say New Year, New Mug? The master potters at Deneen Pottery have outdone themselves again. The 2018 Death Wish Coffee mug is here. Its unique shape is perfect for the coffee drinker who takes no prisoners when it comes to their caffeine consumption. Just make sure you keep it full. 

Why do I love this mug?

With 14 oz. of coffee, this mug holds just enough to wake my ass up in the morning. But of course, I won't stop there. If you peek below, it's also dark AF, which matches my soul. I have finally found my soul-mug. 

Basically, this mug is the shit. If you can't wait to get your annual dose of Death Wish, fear not. It will be available all year long!

Get One Here 

2018 Death Wish Coffee "Hammer" Mug

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