Three Things You Can Do Right Now That Will Make The Week Better

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

3 Things To Do Today

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Life begins just outside your comfort zone?” It’s true. Winter becomes a season of habit. We all fall into the same old routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep and repeat. It’s hard to find inspiration when you’re cooped up inside to get out of the cold on top of coming down with cold after cold and living off the medicine, cups of coffee and pizza rolls. Sounds like an easy way to get stuck in a rut, no? Today, I’ve got 3 things for you to try one day this week to expand your horizon and dip your toes into the world you aren’t accustomed to.


Break the monotony of your daily ritual by telling yourself 3 good things about you.

Give yourself a fresh start by lifting your own confidence. Creating shifts in your routine gives a sense of starting anew, which helps to enforce positive habit changes. Too often we’re putting ourselves down for the way we look, the way we feel, the way we think. Try starting your day by saying 3 things you like about yourself, instead.


Take the scenic route.

The crisp air this time of year can be refreshing and you may find yourself bumping into something beautiful you never knew you were missing. Try stopping at a new coffee shop in a different part of town along the way. This is an easy way to put the world in a different perspective with new sounds, new sights and new people surrounding you. You might even find you like this new route better!


Be thankful.

Although we should be thankful every day, I find myself struggling to be thankful for the freezing rain and snow that’s accumulated on my car at the crack of dawn needing to be cleaned off before I can leave for work. This may be a pain in the ass when you’re rushing to make it in on time, but there’s much more to the day than that half hour of warming your car up. Try making a “give thanks jar” and jot down something each day that you find yourself being thankful for. Set some time aside at the end of each month and go through it to reflect on all things you’ve been thankful for, even when it’s frigid as a bitch out.


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