31 Days of Halloween: Villafane Studios

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

At this point, who hasn't seen a culpture by Villafane studios? 

With a team as talented as Ray Villafane, Andy Bergholtz, and Chris Vierra, Villafane Studios brings a collection of tangible art that isn't just for Halloween.

This monarch weighed in at 2,323lbs! A new World Record grown by Swiss grower, Beni Meie and carved by Ray.

If you follow Villafane Studios on Facebook, (which you should), you probably already know that Ray is not only a talented artist, but a great person. He is known for his tutorials where he will show you exactly how to carve and sculpt specific pumpkins as he has.

  "I hold no secrets. If I know something unique or special it is in my genetic make up to make it available to everyone. I don't understand the mentality that hoards ideas out of fear of competition."

Villafane Studios recently made a cool post regarding children with allergies and trick or treating. If your home will be catering to children with allergies (peanuts, milk, soy, etc), display a teal pumpkin to indicate the treats you give are allergy free.

Villafane studios sells the exact carving set that Ray uses on their website. These are absolutely perfect for sculpting pumpkins, apples, gourds, and so much more! Tammi Villafane was kind enough to send me a set to use in this blog- please show some love and pick up a set of tools, or even these cool vine limbs:

You don't even have to pick up a knife for your pumpkin to look cool with these.

Some pumpkins carved by Billy Harrigan (top) and myself (plus bonus kitty!) using the Villafane Tool Set.

Pick up these plugs at Villafane Studios for only $5.99!


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