5 People On 'What Fuels Them'

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

We like to consider ourselves an authority on fuel, specifically for humans. Sometimes though, it's more than a bold cup of coffee that gets you going, it's something else. On Fueled by Death Cast we always ask our guest to tell us what that "else" is. From knowing you can make a difference to telling a story no one has ever heard, here are five of our favorites:   

EJ SNYDER - military survivalist, reality television star - Naked and Afraid, Dual Survivor

"Every time I go out I learn more about myself as a man, and I've changed as a man for the better. I have evolved as a survivalist and became more capable. I never lose: I either win or I learn."

Listen to EJ SNYDER on Fueled By Death Cast Episode 7


LAURA MORTON - New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur

"It's working with people at that caliber that every day I get to take that kind of information with me and I get to pass that kind of information along. Nothing makes me feel fuller than passing that along."

Listen to LAURA MORTON on Fueled By Death Cast Episode 29


DAVID DASTMALCHIAN - actor, Ant-Man, Batman: The Dark Knight, Blade Runner 2049

"The important thing to me about telling stories, and why I love doing it, is because I think that they remind people that they are not alone. I think the darkest times I've had on this Earth come from the times I've been tricked into thinking I was alone. Telling great stories and doing it the best you can is something that drives me."

Listen to DAVID DASTMALCHIAN on Fueled By Death Cast Episode 24


NICOLE STOTT - retired NASA astronaut

"Inspiration. I have been inspired every step of the way. When you are in the middle of it you don't even know what is inspiring you. Inspiration comes from many different places, and I feel obligated to share my experience."

Listen to NICOLE STOTT on Fueled By Death Cast Episode 18


ZAKK WYLDE - guitarist - Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, Zakk Sabbath

"This is ... you're living the dream. You're playing your music and you're doing what you love. Whatever it is you guys have a passion for and whatever it is you love doing is what you need to be doing. At the end of the day, that's it. The goal is whatever it is you love and whatever you have a passion for is what you've got to be doing."

Listen to ZAKK WYLDE on Fueled By Death Cast Episode 38


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