5 mugs that don't deserve to serve coffee

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Coffee mugs that shouldn't be allowed to have coffee in them

Okay, I get it. Sometimes a little bit of coffee creamer or a little somethin' somethin' extra makes your morning coffee even more magical than it already is. I joined the dark side earlier this year, but I'd be lying if I don't get cravings for Hazelnut creamer every once in awhile. The key is moderation — if you're drowning your coffee with flavored creamers or other additives, you're missing out on the true flavor notes of the brew (and all the unnecessary additives aren't exactly healthy, either). 

If your coffee isn't even really coffee, aka it's made with half a bottle of coffee creamer — or worse, decaf — we have a problem. And there are people that actually proudly display this on the front of their favorite morning mugs — after all, coffee mugs speak louder than words.

These are some of the mugs I found online that had me asking "WHY?" 

Photo sources: Etsy 

1. "I thought I liked coffee; Turns out I just really love creamer!"


So you enjoy the taste of straight dairy and misery????? 

2. "My Blood Type is Decaf"

To all vampires, stay the hell away from whoever uses this mug.

3. "90% cream, 10% coffee"

With a 100% chance of sadness.

4. "I like a little coffee with my creamer"

Why even bother turning on the coffee maker?

5. "Tough guys don't need an appendix"

I found this one and didn't even have words besides — what? 

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