5 things you may not know about Death Wish Coffee

By Michael Brown — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

 1. How Death Wish got its name

The name came to me when I received a gift from my girlfriend after she returned from vacation. She gave me a cup koozie that read “Death Wish”. I thought that name fit perfectly for the coffee I was working on.


2. The first bag of Death Wish Coffee was sold before the packaging was put together

Although the coffee was ready, I had to run to staples, buy labels, finalize the logo, and print them out to fulfill the first sale. Luckily, I had a few bags from my coffee shop, but they didn't quite fit the bill without the skull and crossbones. 


3. Poison inspired the logo

Inspiration for the skull and crossbones logo was from old warning labels on poison bottles, not a pirate’s flag.


4. The Death Wish Coffee logo has been revised once

A lot of things have changed within the company, and the old logo did its job- but I really love our newer version.


5. In 2013 Death Wish Coffee was featured on Good Morning America

See the video hereAll of the orders that resulted from the feature almost buried the company.

Some orders took over 30 days to be fulfilled and we were kicked off all of the major online selling platforms. Since then steps have been put in place to make sure we can handle large volumes of sales at a time. 


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