6 things to put in your coffee instead of sugar

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Try these other substitutes for sugar

We know the feeling, pouring yourself a steaming mug of black coffee and discovering that you are completely out of the final touch to your morning routine (if you're into that sort of thing): sugar.

There are tons of natural substitutes that you can throw into your coffee that are healthier than sugar and just as tasty. So if you're looking for a substitute, or if you're looking to ditch the sugar routine altogether, here are a few tips.


1. Cardamom

This Middle Eastern spice is actually known to neutralize the effects of caffeine on the body, so if you're not up for the jitters today, this is your go-to substitute. Cardamom is also known to bring a sense of calming and helps stimulate your appetite and settle your stomach. 

2. Salt

Salt is known to soften the bitterness of your coffee, hence why people sometimes add a few dashes into their grounds prior to brewing and even add it to their Cold Brew to enhance the flavor.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon instead of cream and sugar can be a healthy alternative in your coffee. Cinnamon is said to save you a handful of calories per cup, as well as boosting your immune system (yes!). Cinnamon is also a key ingredient in our Cauldron-Aged Pumpkin Coffee.

4. Butter

Adding Butter (specifically grass-fed) to your morning coffee can boost your energy levels. Be warned: There are a ton of calories in this, so if you're not exercising regularly or using it as a breakfast replacement, this might not be the best idea.

5. Vanilla Extract

Adding Vanilla Extract to your daily cup of Joe can revamp that delectable sweetness you seek from those too fancy French vanilla creams and sugar. 

 6. Coconut Milk


Coconut Milk is a great and healthy alternative to milk. Keep in mind it will have a hint of coconut flavor, so if that's not your mojo, you might want to steer clear from this option. But to those who do like it, you've come to the right place. Coconut milk is also a great alternative to milk and creamer for people who are Lactose Intolerant. It has the perfect amount of sweetness to add your cup of joe. 

So next time you are freaking out because you ran out of cream and sugar, you have these awesome alternatives to turn to in your time of need.

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