6 Ugly-Ass Coffee Beans

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

In a world far, far away, coffee beans are all created equally and beautifully.

Pictured: Two wonderful ladies from Royal Coffee sorting beans

In our world, coffee beans can be flooded, dried out, infected, cracked, punched, you name it. You'll never get coffee beans like this from us, because they get rejected from our quality control process before they even reach our roaster. I put a few aside and snapped their awful mugshots so that you can see what you're [not] missing out on. 

1. This ugly-ass "sour" bean

Why? Sour (underdeveloped) beans can result from dirty water during the fermentation process, too long of a fermentation process, or even too much moisture during storage.

2. This hideous "blighted" bean

Why? "Roya" or "coffee rust" is a plant disease plaguing many coffee-producing countries. Unfortunately, many coffee-producing farms will struggle with defects like these and have to find a new crop to support their communities. 

3. This unsightly "oldish" bean

 Why? It may not look like much, but deep down, this is an ugly-ass bean. Coffee turns off-white to brown when it has been stored for way too long, or poorly stored (humidity, high temperatures).

4. This hideous "nipped" bean

 Why? Although these are the most common and most harmless deformity usually caused by a simple crack, nipped beans may also indicate that harvesting happened before the coffee cherry was ripe enough. 

5. This grisly black "stinker" bean

Why? Black beans sometimes known as "stinkers" can occur when the coffee plant doesn't receive enough water, or that the cherry was overripe, and the bean rotted inside.

6. This foul insect-damaged bean 

Why? You guessed it. Either attacked while in the cherry or during storage, insects got to these coffee beans before we could.


What happens to rejected coffee beans?

Rejected coffee beans are not thrown away, but bought up by many low-quality coffee companies. These beans are often turned into instant coffee. Surprised? Didn't think so. 


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