7 Coffee World Records You Can Probably Beat

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

If you have ever opened up a Guniess Book of World Records, you know that there are records for just about everything. We wanted to figure out just how many of those related to coffee, and the answer is: hundreds.

We took our favorite seven and made this list in the hopes that maybe somebody reading this might try and break one. Could it be you?

1. Largest collection of coffee pots

in 2012 this record was awarded to Robert Dahl of Germany. His collection topped out at 27,390 and it has probably grown since then. Where do you put all those coffee pots?

2. Largest iced coffee

Created by Cafe Bene in South Korea in 2014, this iced coffee measured a staggering 14,228.1 liters or 3,758.7 gallons. The cup alone was 10 feet 10 inches tall and 8 feet 7 inches wide! Also, for those who are curious, they used iced black americano. 

3. Largest coffee party at a single location

This record is held by the Kruger GmbH & Co. in Germany. 8,162 people gathered together and each was given a wristband and an iced coffee. This record has stood since 2009 and feel like it is just begging to be broken.

4. Fastest espresso machine

The worst thing about wanting coffee is waiting for it to get done brewing. You never have to worry about that with the 'Swiss Espresso Extractor' from Switzerland which produced 11.5 liters or 3 gallons of delicious black brew in a single minute! The record was awarded in 2008 and still holds up to this day.

5. Most expensive mug

Made of pure gold depicting the Roman god Janus, this mug was in a private collection thought to be a dirty brass mug. After getting it appraised by the British Museum it was found to have been made in the 4th century B.C.E. and sold at auction for $100,000 dollars!

6. Longest journey by coffee-powered car

First of all, who knew you could use coffee to power a car? In 2010 a 1988 Volkwagon Scirocco was modified to heat coffee granules in a charcoal fire, and then break down the carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The gas is then cooled and filtered to drive the engine. The 'Car-puccino' drove for 337 km from London to Manchester. It gets about 1 mile per 56 espressos.


7. Most coffee beans moved with chopsticks

One of the weirder records, this one is held by serial record breaker, Italian Silvio Sabba. He moved 48 beans using only chopsticks in one minute. This record was achieved only last year and it feels like with enough practice it could be easily beat, right? Mr. Sabba currently holds 84 world records so he is kind of a professional.




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