7 espresso drinks that are out of this world

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

What coffee drinks are made with espresso?

In a coffee-saturated world, it’s time to get down to the root of how to order just the right drink to get caffeinated in a heartbeat. A shot to the heart, if you know what I mean. Espresso shot, that is, and it’s giving coffee a killer name.

Espresso is brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans, whereas coffee in an auto-drip maker is made by dripping boiling water over medium ground coffee beans. 

Espresso drinks are extremely popular in coffee shops around the world, but what're the differences? Sometimes, reading a coffee house menu can feel like you’re glancing at a foreign language. Let’s take a look at some of the best espresso drinks out there and what they actually are.

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1. Affogato: Ice cream in a shot of espresso. The real MVP of the coffee house, ladies, and gentlemen.

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2. Café Americano: Equal parts espresso and hot water, similar in consistency to American drip-brewed coffee. Try an Iced Americano and then you tell me what love is.

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3. Café Mocha: Steamed milk, espresso, and chocolate, AKA hot chocolate with espresso. Top it off with whipped cream and you’ve got one hell of a treat on your hands.

4. Cappuccino: Equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam.

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5. Café Cortado: Espresso with flat steamed milk.

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6. Espresso con Panna: A shot of espresso topped with whipped cream. YUM.

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7. Flat White: Espresso with an even mix of milk and velvety microfoam. In other words, the smoother sibling of a latte.

Now that you’re an expert, go travel the coffee world! Treat yo’self to an espresso-filled night. It’s a whole new world of variety when you know the coffeehouse menu. You can thank me later.

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