A meeting of the dogs: Viral Dog Video Chats

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Who is the boss’ favorite? We’re not saying, but neither is boss man BBC sports commentator Andrew Cotter who has been faithfully “leading important online meetings” with Olive and Mabel, his two Labrador retrievers.

The Indian Express recently shared the lighthearted article about how online meetings are a lot of people’s new normal and at this point have truly gone to the dogs. It states, “Expectedly the dogs aren’t very good at the call, but Cotter continues to discuss “pressing issues” like the destruction of the sofa and the chasing of squirrels.”

You know, the important stuff has to be discussed in yet another meeting instead of the boss just sending an email – but in this case, we’re glad he did record their meeting. Loyalty means everything and these two ladies are paving the way by showing up, even thought at least one of them seems to be constantly distracted. We’re looking at you, Mabel.

The video has gone viral and social media cannot get enough of these ladies who likely remind all of us of at least one coworker we know. Keep up the great work, ladies!

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