Rob Prior on his journey of becoming an internationally-known artist

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How Rob Prior learned how to do art with two hands 

By Heather Marlette

From the moment Rob Prior was born, he was destined to be an artist. Not only was he internationally published by the age of 15, Rob also taught himself how to create art with both hands, or even do math homework while he painted. 

Now, he's a leader in the pop culture art world, a sculptor, and is in the process of directing his first movie. Later this year, he’s opening a gallery show featuring Stan Lee in comic book covers as a way to commemorate the late icon.

We recently had Rob Prior as a guest on Fueled By Death Cast, and we found out a little more about this genuinely unique and insightful man.

Prior’s family began training him for greatness when most kids are still cooing, and by the time toddlers are learning their shapes and honing how to stay in the lines, he was going on to painting with oil and using artists’ charcoal.

When he was 10, Rob figured that he needed to learn how to be an artist with both hands in case something ever happened to his natural dominant right hand.

“For the next couple years I refused to use my right hand as my dominant hand,” Prior said in his interview. “So, I switched playing guitar, I switched throwing a football, throwing a baseball, I switched it all.”

To say it paid off is an understatement. Now, he can create art with both hands at the same time.

Today, you can find him as a convention pioneer, a pop culture pioneer and one of the coolest dudes around. The reason for that is clear in his own words:

“The minute you hit a plateau, that's death, man. That's the death of an artist. Because the minute you think that you're good enough, is when you stop trying to be better. And so, I look at everything and just go, ‘I wanna do it all. I want to learn it all,’” Prior said.

In April, the Stan Lee Memorial gallery will feature 66 pieces of art, many of which he worked on and had signed by Stan Lee himself before giving his final Excelsior! last year.

Watch the video below to learn more about Rob’s background as an artist, and listen to our full interview with him here.


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