Avoid Post-Meal Sleepiness With This Coffee Trick

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

The holidays are a time for family, togetherness, love... 
...and of course, stuffing ourselves silly.
For those of you that think that the solution is to simply eat less, I applaud your commitment. 
But that's not why we're here.
If coffee isn't a superhero in your life already, it damn well should be for the holidays.

Have you ever gone a day or two without coffee? That first cup will kick your ass... in all the right ways.

You'd be surprised how fast your body's tolerance drops in just a few hours.

If you anticipate eating a lot,

skip your morning coffee (gasp!).

It'll be worth it. I promise!

Wait to drink your first cup of the day with dinner, right before you start eating.

Make it damn strong, too.
Since coffee takes about 20 minutes to start to work, you should start to feel it right when your body would have otherwise been out for the count.
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Dessert can also be a delicious vehicle for caffeine. Which of these recipes would you like to see made with Death Wish Coffee?
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