The Beginnings of Barrel Coffee: Roasting

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Last week, I showed you the The Beginnings of Barrel Coffee: Aging. We took Specialty grade green coffee beans and aged them in a soaking wet rum barrel. This week, I'll bring you inside the roasting facility to give you a sneak peak into the roasting process of Barrel Coffee.


After we dried the beans for about a week, they were finally dry enough to roast. You can tell a bean is ready when it can't be split with just your fingers. Although they were not visibly wet, the fruity aroma of the rum was still very apparent. 


Using our organic-only roaster, we poured the 50 lbs of beans into the valve where they were then sucked up into the machine. You can see the greens giving a final peep before being cooked. 


Because the beans are infused with rum, the roast behaved differently than a typical roast under the same variables.


 Although the first crack was on par with the model roast, it went from a "light roast" to a "medium roast" within just a few seconds.


Time to cool!


At this point, the entire facility smelled of freshly roasted coffee and the tropical rum notes of the Quackenbush uncut rum from Albany Distillery.


We were really happy with the shade of these beans. They read out at about a 53 on the shade scale, which is a perfect medium roast.


Stay tuned for the cupping process of Barrel Coffee!

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