You can get coffee for free at this shop when you clean up the beach

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Custom House Coffee in Rhode Island encouraging beach clean up

A coffee shop in Middletown, Rhode Island is offering free coffee to customers who bring in a bucket of trash cleaned up from beaches on Aquidneck Island. 

Employees at Custom House Coffee came up with the idea to give their customers beach buckets to take with them to fill with trash, beer cans, plastics, and more found at the beach. When customers bring it back, you got it, they get free coffee or tea in exchange. 

At the end of every shift, employees sift through the trash to determine what can be recycled and what can't, and then they properly dispose of it all. Each year, an estimated 18 billion pounds of plastic waste enters the ocean.

"Just by doing this little piece, it's going to bring us that much closer to hopefully cleaner beaches and a cleaner environment," Gabriella Kuba, one of the baristas, said in an interview. "Let's not have it get into the ocean. It's just a behavioral change that we're really focusing on." 

Right now, they have a total of six beach buckets in rotation. But if there's more of a demand, they'll simply get more buckets to encourage people to hit the beaches and return with trash. Looks like one man's trash really is another man's treasure, and that treasure means coffee. 

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