The Beginnings of Barrel Coffee - Aging

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Barrel Coffee is the process of aging green coffee beans in soaking wet rum/whiskey/wine barrels. Today I'm going to give you a first look on the aging process.


This time, we're aging Specialty Grade Peru greens in a rum barrel from Albany Distilling Company.
An uncut version of Quackenbush Still House by ADC- "Bright tropical notes shine through the rich, earthy flavor of the Caribbean cane, giving way to a long, creamy, butterscotch finish."
 The greens are slowly poured into the barrel. We're careful not to add too much, because we anticipate a pretty significant growth in size of the bean.
 This time, we let the coffee age for about a week.
As they pour out, the distinct smell of oak fills the room. The tropical notes of the rum are even more apparent now than when we poured it in.
 When coffee is soaked in a wet liquor barrel, the beans become slightly larger and more malleable. As you can see, the beans on the right have been soaking, while the beans on the left have not.
The beans have taken on many note profiles of the 250-year old recipe rum and are now ready to be roasted. 
Stay tuned for the roasting and cupping processes of Barrel Coffee!
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