This is the best way to reheat coffee

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

What's the best way to reheat coffee?

Let’s get one thing straight: The microwave is not your only friend. You know what microwaves do? They make hot pockets. And you know what hot pockets do? They make you sick.

"You can have a hot pocket for breakfast, a hot pocket for lunch, and be dead by dinner." Don’t believe me? Just ask Jim Gaffigan.

That’s what people do these days, right? We buy Keurigs so we can have our coffee STAT. We text people so we don’t have to call them. We buy cars, so we don’t have to walk — and we buy microwaves so we can heat things up quickly. That’s right, we suck the life out of everything by taking the easy way out.

The end result: We miss out on the delicious, rich cup of joe a pourover offers us, we start to forget the sound of our friends' voices, we push exercise to the side for a brisk ride, and we miss out on the unique, powerful, aromatic flavors from a freshly brewed cup by throwing it in the microwave. Extinct. Dead. No longer. Gone forever. Yup, you just killed your coffee. If you have a heart, I’ll let you in on the best way to save it the next time around.


What is the best way to reheat my coffee? 

There is only one way to reheat your coffee the right way. Keep joe on low heat and place him on top of the stove in any pot you have around your kitchen — you don't need anything specific. Joe may take a little while to warm up but be patient. He’s just getting ready to give you what you want! Keeping the stove on low heat will savor the flavor. Nowadays, we all want our coffee and we want it now but turning up the heat to accelerate the process won’t do your taste buds any favors.

If you’re still thinking of taking the easy way out, you might as well just brew another K-Cup or text your friend, hop back in your car and cruise on over to the café, you lazy savage. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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