Brandon Dermer, filmmaker, on his relationship with Death Wish Coffee

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How filmmaker Brandon Dermer started working with Death Wish Coffee Co.

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

The World’s Strongest Coffee calls out to our kind in the way that only Death Wish can and in this episode, Jeff helps us “see the world through the eyes” of award winning filmmaker Brandon Dermer.

Filmmaker Brandon Dermer poses for a photo outside of a building

Dermer is well known for the television comedy series "What Would Diplo Do," but he also is the creator of some of the most iconic Death Wish Coffee commercials.

While shooting the “No One Survives” video for Nekrogoblikon in 2012, Dermer was looking for like-minded brands and unearthed Death Wish Coffee Company. The filmmaker and brand shared the darkness out of a goblet that revealed itself from its home under the Misty Mountains — which didn’t actually happen like that.

Dermer explains how he truly teamed up with the obscure elixir that fuels us all.

“This was huge for me, too. At the time, the commercials I was doing were very, very small," he said in his interview on Fueled by Death Cast. "They gave me enough money to make two spots for them and do them right. I still use them on my reel to this day.”

Dermer’s tale is true. He still has both Death Wish Coffee Company commercials available for the world to appreciate, in addition to his other Commercial projects here.

“I dug that they were punk rock and hustlers,” Dermer says devotedly about Death Wish Coffee Company leaders, Mike Brown and John Swedish. It’s both what you know and who you know that assist in creating additional masterpieces.

After wrapping “No One Survives,” Dermer began working on “The Janitor” commercial. The song used in both of Dermer’s Death Wish Coffee commercials is “Powercore” by Nekrogoblikon, which Dermer also created the video for.  

The relationship between Death Wish and Dermer took another turn with the words “We want to do some more traditional video spots, but still have that punk flair.” Dermer made an introduction of Andrew Harris to Death Wish Coffee, where he produced “The Late Riser” commercial.

Since then, we've been following Dermer's career closely and are so proud to say we've done work with him. 

Mugs up everybody and feel inspired to cultivate relationships and to be creative in Episode 143 – Brandon Dermer. From dreamers and visionaries to punk rockers and police officers, we never know where this journey through life may take us.


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