Cat-astrophe: This cat buries his owner's coffee

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

How do cats demonstrate their feelings to us about coffee? They try to bury it, or at least this cat did.

The unidentified cat belongs to Reddit owner known as thatswhatisaidman, and as usual, the people of the internet gave their opinions on what the cat was trying to convey to his owner with his burying, after the cat owner’s caption on the video stated, “He ‘buries’ coffee because he doesn’t like the smell”.

The comments vary from “I believe cats sometimes do this instinctually with food as well. They try to bury it to ‘hide’ it from other animals” to “Me at other people with coffee breath.”

Who knows exactly what this cat or any other cat is thinking when they exhibit behavior that we find strange. There’s no denying how these cats feel when presented with random pieces of food. We will all take this as a hard “Thanks, but no thanks.”

We’re just happy this cat attempted his burial without knocking the cup over. We consider that a win considering cats do whatever they want, whenever they want.

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