Celebrate nature's gardeners - May 20th is National Bee Day

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Coffee drinkers aren’t the only ones who know about a good “buzz”. Today, is World Bee Day and we celebrate these important insects as part of the world’s vital ecosystem and to raise awareness about their importance.

Bees have gotten a bad wrap over the years – just ask any horror movie fan who can likely name several staple bee scenes used by Hollywood or any driver or passenger who discovers a little friend who happens to come along for the ride.

Photo by Boris Smokrovic

Anton Janša, the 18th-century pioneer of modern beekeeping techniques, was one of the first to help raise awareness about the importance of bees in the world environment. Since then, beekeeping has become a vital necessity to life on Earth.

Bees might be small, but indeed mighty. Their help includes assistance in growth of 90% of the world’s wildflower plants, 35% of the world’s crops depend on bees to grow, and how they help build ecosystems all over the world. Let those bees fly for free.

Many are unaware of the importance of bees or know how to help save the bees, which led to the announcement of World Bee Day through the United Nations. Bees are under a continual threat from human activity, which includes the introduction of invasive insects (aka “Murder Hornets”), pesticides, land-use change, and monocropping practices, which have continuously been destroying bee colonies over time. 

It doesn’t take a lot of space to attract bees. A small, outdoor space can be filled with plants such as sunflowers, poppy, and much-loved herbs like thyme, dill, and fennel are the “bee's knees” for these pollinators. A pollination station for bees in a garden or outdoor space to benefit from is also a nice gesture to help save their numbers. Make a friendly environment for bees, butterflies, and any local pollinators to help their habitats. 

Bees help coffee plants, too. According to Rainforest Partnership,“Chances are you rolled out of bed this morning, and the first thing that you did was start up a pot of coffee. Americans consume roughly 400 million cups of coffee–per day. So how do we get this beloved beverage? A lot of it points back to the bees and suitable farming land. NPR (*1) states that bees are responsible for 20-25% of coffee production, and even increase the quality of the beans.”

Their survival is our survival.

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