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By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

It’s been about a year since we last saw him on an episode, but CEO Mike Brown returns (again) to Fueled by Death Cast to talk about the Death Wish Coffee Truck and entertains us all with his vision for this 28-foot-long beast that can serve coffee and store merchandise.

The long awaited and much anticipated Death Wish Coffee Truck will make its full appearance on a road near you in 2020, as compared to only small glimpses being garnered this year at test events close to the heart of headquarters. It’s our baby and we want it done right – with a team dedicated to serve events AND the world’s strongest coffee at the same time. Don’t fret, we’re caffeinated, so we can multitask like a boss.

Mike Brown speaks openly in his interview during this episode of Fueled by Death Cast about how the Death Wish Coffee Truck has been a long and steady work in progress and how much the company has learned about this venture since obtaining the transport of black despondency.

Watch The Incredible Jeff light up when Mike Brown mentions a possibility for the future involving the Death Wish Coffee Truck in Episode 130 of Fueled by Death Cast. Be sure to catch Episode 17 and Episode 76 that also feature our our owner CEO Mike Brown, to learn more about what fuels him to continue to ignite the passions in all of us that support the world's strongest coffee. 

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Angela Garrity is a guest blogger for Death Wish Coffee Co. Her work can be found in Vapun Magazine as well as on their website.



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