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7 Best Chocolate Rum Ball Descriptions 

This holiday season, we’re about to turn up the volume on the best damn bold blend out there. We all love coffee and we all love a little added holiday ‘spirit.' Now we can consume chocolate and the delectable flavors of Rum, while seizing caffeinated immortality all at the same time. Welcome to one of our most favored Barrel Brand Blends, the one and only, Chocolate Rum Ball — coming soon!


For those of us who have had a sip of this mouthwatering treat, it’s not the holidays we look forward to, it’s this. For those of you who are on the edge of your seat, experiencing restless nights anxiously awaiting a taste for yourself, here are seven of the best descriptions some of the blends biggest fans gave us so you have a better idea of what you’re really looking forward to.


  1. “It Tastes Like Love.” – Frank Germaine
    - That’s because love was first felt after consuming a cup of this blend, Frank.
  1. “A Chocolate Orga….. no better not.” – Mike Bealmear
    - It’s okay, Mike. This is the true hug in your mug, and we all know what hugging leads to.
  1. “Tastes like a fuzzy, warm blanket surrounding you!” – Karen Nikole
    - To feel like a Hallmark card, simply add more rum.
  1. “It is like a rum pie without the fat and calories.” – Camie Marie
    - You know what would go well with a mug full? A piece of that rum pie. Treat yo’self, Camie.
  1. “It tastes like what finding a random $20 in your jeans feels like.” – Brett Gray
    - Like Christmas came early, no?
  1. “Chocolate Rum Ball, the A-ha feeling that finally fixes the thing you’ve been missing in life. I put it on everything. I drink it, put it on bacon, use it in brownies, chocolate frosting and in ice cream. I’m down to 68 beans left from the original batch. Must get more!!” – Amy Smith
    - Amy, I’ll be over for dessert later. Hell, I might as well come back for breakfast, too.
  1. “When a fresh pot is brewed, it reminds me of cold winters by the fire, with a cup of rich dark chocolate, that hints at the coming summer days of the islands with the flourish of rum warming me up.” – Jamie Mathews Heustess
    - Sold.

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