Could CKY videos be coming to Netflix?

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Jess Margera talks about CKY videos being streamed

Jess Margera has been part of CKY since the beginning, making music and putting out crazy home videos in 1998. It was before the era of YouTube or streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. 

Margera and the other members of CKY have come a long way since they were setting cars on fire, crashing cars into snow banks, or kicking each other in the face. 

"It's definitely mellowed out a bit," Margera said during his Fueled By Death Cast Interview. "Bam's a dad now. I'm a dad times four, so our day doesn't really consist of blowing up cars or anything anymore. It's more like coming over and eating breakfast and then just chilling out." 

But that could all change. Well, sort of. They won't be returning to their glory days — but their content could soon be available on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Nothing is confirmed, but here's to hoping.

Margera, the drummer, is tasked with getting all of those old tapes into the 21st century when CKY returns from their North American Tour. 

"That's my job when I get home from tour," Margera said. "There's so much — we could probably make another movie of just outtakes, honestly." 

Sign us up, Jess. 

Watch the snippet from his interview below, or click here to check out the full interview on Fueled By Death Cast. 

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