Would you drink this cockroach latte?

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

This barista makes creepy and cute but mostly creepy 3D latte art 

Listen, there's no shame in treating yourself to a latte everyone once in a while — you know, one of those milky espresso coffee drinks with the cute little frothy flower art on top? Yeah, one of those. Unless of course, your barista is Chang Kuei Fang. From cute little bunnies to famous cartoon characters, to super f*#%ing creepy cockroach lattes, this barista is the master of creating 3D latte art.

Photo by @mycofi.taiwan on Instagram

Using steamed foamy milk as his canvas, Chang Kuei Fang makes each caffeinated creation out of a coffee shop in Taiwan, My Cofi. Some of this coffee art is so realistic, it's almost too beautiful (or absolutely terrifying) to drink. 

This barista isn't the only one getting creative with making coffee. New, sometimes bizarre, coffee trends are popping up every day and there's a coffee drink for everyone. From pitch black coffee drinks to broccoli-infused coffee, there's pretty much a coffee out there for anyone. 

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