How to incorporate coffee into your Halloween plans

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Ways to make your coffee a little spookier

By Heather Marlette

Halloween is a time to do things that we all love. We get to watch scary movies and call it getting into the mood, we can decorate our house in ways that any other time of the year would lead to raised eyebrows and mutterings around the neighborhood, and we can dress up as whatever the hell we want. It's a holiday we truly can never grow out of. 

We wanted to spread the spooky holiday cheer by giving you some inspiration for great ways to incorporate coffee into Halloween. Here are some ideas:

Halloween-inspired coffee cocktails

Whether you're throwing a Halloween party or need a boozy boost before taking the kids trick or treating, you can combine your two favorites for a spooky twist: Alcohol and coffee. 

If you want to give your coffee drink a boost with your favorite liquor addition as well as some great spooky additions, check these recipes out. Or, may we suggest a Pumpkin Spice Coffee Margarita?

Photo source: Rogers Family Co.

Take cocktails up a notch 

What's better than drinking a spiked punch out of a punchbowl? Drinking cocktails out of a giant orange gourd. Carve a pumpkin big enough to fit a punch bowl (or make personalized pumpkin cups) and fill it with your favorite spiked coffee punch

If you REALLY want to take it up a notch, add dry ice into the hollowed pumpkin and below the punch bowl (use tongs to transfer). Pour warm water over your dry ice to make it fog. Enjoy the compliments you get on both your decor and your coffee punch — especially if you have matching pumpkin cups to go with your pumpkin punch bowl.

Whole bean coffee candle 

This is a great decoration year round for those of us who just have to have coffee in our lives in every way, shape, and form. It is also an easy way to use the natural darkness of coffee to decorate your house for the spooky season of Halloween. It's the easiest candle recipe out there — simply add some whole coffee beans into a jar or container and light a tea candle. It'll smell so good that you'll want to eat it (please don't).

Hopefully some of these ideas will make it easy for all you coffee fans out there to incorporate a little coffee into your Halloween or a little Halloween into your coffee. Please let us know how these worked out for you, or let us know of any great ones we missed!

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