Why Making Coffee at Home Will Make You a Happier Person

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

 You'll save money

Even high end coffees ($20/lb) are less expensive than grabbing coffee on the way to work. People who stop for coffee spend an average of $100 more a month than those that brew coffee at home. Although money in itself won't make you a happier person, studies suggest that saving it just might-- perhaps even more so than eating healthy, getting exercise, or even having an enjoyable job. 


You'll wake up earlier

Waking up sucks, but waking up for coffee? Not so bad. According to Business Insider, people who wake up earlier are generally more happy with their lives than their night owl counterparts. Pair that with the aroma of coffee to start your day, and you've got yourself on the right foot. 


You can make it exactly how you like it

Don't depend on the person behind the counter to get it right every time. Make an entire batch of coffee, just the way you like it, and take the rest to work. You may even start looking forward to 2:30pm.


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