5 Coffee Belt Vacations That You Can Take For Under $500

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Before you say, "of course it's cold.... it's winter," let me explain to you that this is not a normal type of chilly right now. It's frigid, hold on-to your hats, my fingers are about to fall off FREEZING. So this got me thinking if we could skip town and get out of the cold where would we go? Obviously, we'd head to the Coffee Belt. Not only is it where the world's coffee supply grown and harvested, it's also some of the warmest cities in the world. On top of that, with a little 2018 home sharing help, we found some incredible deals on where you can stay. Below check out 5 amazing coffee belt vacations that you could (and should) take this winter. 


1. Lima Peru 

For $57 a night, you could be reaping in all the luxuries of this Sea View Roof Top apartment. Imagine having your morning coffee with that view!

2. Karnataka, India 

Located in a coffee estate, you can experience the plantation lifestyle along with beautiful views and wildlife at this homestay for $40 a night.

3. Sumatra 

If you need relaxation, you'll surely find it here. Get ready for your spirits to bloom within this garden setting. The best part? Only $55 a night.

4. Sacatepequez, Guatemala

Check out the magical character this household just minutes from the park. For just $20 a night, you won't want to leave! 

5. Costa Rica 

Saving the best for last, at $100 per night, whose dream isn't to stay in a Jungle Retreat surround by Turquoise lagoons? Jump off the grid and pamper yourself, you deserve it.


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