Coffee drone patented by IBM because why not

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

The coffee of the future is here, people. Or at least the patent for it is.

A coffee-delivering drone that can detect when we're tired and bring us a coffee IS ACTUALLY A REAL THING. It's been patented by technology company IBM, because of course it has (maybe one of their engineers was sick of small talk around the coffee maker?).


The patent describes a drone that can detect when we're in a "cognitive state" and then delivers cups of coffee on an "unspooling string." It also describes other ways the drone can deliver a fresh cup of Joe — in a sealed bag to avoid any spills, or pouring it directly into a worker's mug. Color me impressed. 

Details of the patent also describe that the drone can detect blood pressure, pupil dilation, and facial expressions to detect if people are drowsy. 


Some coffee establishments apparently already use coffee drone deliveries. IBM, which is historically known for manufacturing computer mainframes and desktop PCS, has been developing some interesting products. One of those products is an arguing machine so you can literally argue with a robot.

The machine draws from a library of "hundreds of millions" of newspapers, academic journals, and more, so it can respond to a number of topics it was not prepared for beforehand. Tbh, I'd rather just have something deliver me coffee.

Don't get too excited for drone coffee deliveries, though — IBM has not revealed whether or not is has plans to sell them. But if they do — sign me up. 

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