Coffee can make you like your colleagues more, according to science

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

 A new study shows that coffee gives you a more favorable view of your coworkers 

There's nothing worse than being stuck in an office surrounded by people you don't want to see and being forced to make small talk. I don't need to hear about your three-year-old's potty training progress, Carol. No, I didn't watch last night's episode of Young Sheldon. I don't want to meet to go over your PowerPoint for tomorrow's sales meeting — just send it in a damn email.

You need something to help power you through eight hours a day of talking to these people without committing murder. But is there solution? According to science, yes — take a long sip of coffee (and a deep breath).

That's right. According to a new study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, drinking coffee can help you have a more favorable view of your work colleagues. Add it to the list of reasons why coffee is basically magic and why you should never, EVER talk to someone before they've had their morning fix

Drinking coffee before a discussion with your coworkers can help you stay focused and feel better about the people in a conversation, according to the study — it's like looking at your coworkers through a caffeinated version of rose-colored glasses. 

"We see coffee being served in many meetings but found very little research on how coffee might affect group dynamics," study author Vasu Unnava of the University of California said in an interview with PsyPost. "Most research is about how coffee affects an individual. So, we decided to study the effects (if any), of consumption of coffee on performance of individuals in a group, and the collective output of the group." 

Researches conducted experiments with 134 college students. They formed the students into groups and had them discuss the Occupy Wall Street movement for 15 minutes, and found that students who drank coffee before the discussion were better at focusing on the topic at hand. 

There were some limitations — researchers didn't focus on conflicts within a group setting and participants agreed to the discussion topic prior to the experiments. So my advice to you is to drink a strong cup of coffee before work and just avoid talking to morons altogether. Besides, no matter what, coffee will always be your favorite coworker. 

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