Need to clean your fireplace? Use coffee grounds

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Uncommon ways to re-use coffee grounds

There are tons of different ways to re-use your coffee grounds — face mask? Sure, I'll rub my face in some coffee. A bug repellent? Stay the hell away from me, mosquitoes. We've written a lot about them before, but we're constantly looking for ways to re-use and recycle coffee grounds. 

Here’s a list of some less commonly known uses for the ever-versatile coffee grounds — both fresh (read: decaf grounds, because who wants to actually drink that) and those lovely remains in the filter. 

To clean your fireplace

As cold weather continues to creep in, those of you with wood-burning fireplaces are going to get ready for its use. As you grumble about the mess the ceremonial and extensive cleaning that has to be done at the start and end of the fire season, have no fear — use coffee. No joke, coffee grounds will help keep this usually messy task contained. Follow these steps:

  1. Brew coffee
  2. Enjoy a cup while the grounds cool
  3. Take cooled grounds, spread over the fireplace
  4. Clean the fireplace as you usually wold and watch the grounds you spread help contain the dust. The grounds act as a natural and safe scrub and help collect debris
  5. Dispose of the mess you cleaned out of the fireplace
  6. Enjoy a cup of coffee by the fire

    Cellulite treatment

    Using coffee for cellulite specifically is intriguing and easy. Its natural state as a stimulant ensures that coffee can be useful to help with this issue for at least for the immediate future. Beauty experts have given this treatment the stamp of approval, and here is a handy treatment that you may want to give a whirl today.

    Coffee grounds as a hair rinse

    There are many things out there about hair masks and cooled coffee as a hair dye. If you are unsure you want to commit to that much, you can still benefit from the use of coffee with your hair. For those days when you have had to use a lot of product, a small handful of grounds before shampooing will break down and easily remove product and soften your hair.

    Photo credit: PopSugar

    Coffee soap

    We all know you can use coffee grounds as an exfoliant, but you can make coffee soap bars to use as just soap. It's a great way to clean your hands, looks awesome on a tray next to the sink in the guest bathroom and can also act as a conversation starter. Here's one of our favorite methods from PopSugar.

    Though there are many uses for your coffee grounds, both new and used, these are some that you may not see everywhere, and will be useful for the upcoming seasons. Have a use for coffee grounds that we're missing? Let us know!



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