7 Halloween costumes for coffee lovers

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Halloween Costumes for every kind of coffee drinker 

It's October. You need to get it together and start planning this year's Halloween costume. Yes, 2018 is the year you quit it with the lame excuses for a costume (really, you're going to be a minion AGAIN?) and go for something that will actually give you some creativity points. What better way to express your darker side on the spookiest night of the year than with a coffee-inspired Halloween costume? Here are seven easy, highly-caffeinated coffee costume ideas.

1. Zombie Barista

via Pinterest

Grab a green apron, splatter some blood on it, and yell out people's names incorrectly all night. Easiest costume ever. 

2. A Chemex Coffee Maker

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Embrace your inner coffee snob and dress up as a Chemex coffee maker. Most people will ask you what the heck you are but you'll connect with a few coffee fiends who will probably steal your costume idea next year. 


3. That guy from the coffee GIF.

Yeah, that guy. This one wins the comfy costume prize. Throw on a white bathrobe and order a huge coffee mug off of Amazon. Pouring coffee over your head all night is optional but encouraged. 

4. This handmade coffee hat. 

This handmade coffee hat from Fabhatters on Etsy will showcase your coffee addiction in a really bold, whimsical way. Bonus points if you use a Death Wish Coffee cup. 

5. Agent Dale Cooper

This is the coffee costume for anyone who enjoys a damn fine cup of coffee. All you need is a coffee cup, a suit, some hair gel, and entrance into the Black Lodge.

6. Cup of Joe

via Costumeish

A classic coffee costume is to literally be a cup of Joe — especially if your name is Joe. 

7. Coffee and a donut

This couple costume is for those that share a love of coffee don't share their coffee. You can't buy love but you can buy donuts and coffee and that's pretty much the same thing. 

So, what are you going to be for Halloween? 

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