More Proof that Coffee is Basically Magic

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

What are the benefits of coffee?

As if we didn't already know the importance of coffee throughout your entire day, let's take a look at the importance of coffee throughout your entire life.

It'll make you more attractive — seriously.

Coffee grounds carry antioxidants that improve your skin. These antioxidants are known to tighten pores, and act as an exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells gently.

Tip: The longer the grounds are saturated in water, the more beneficial they’ll be for your skin.

Check out Rad Soap for coffee-infused body care.


Coffee will help your garden flourish.

The nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium content can act as a fertilizer for plants, as well as aerate the soil.

The grounds can also:

  • Keep away slugs and snails
  • Deter cats and other small animals from batting at plants
  • Prevent weeds

Tip: coffee works best for root plants like carrots and potatoes—too much acidity can be overbearing for tomatoes.


It makes an incredible ingredient in savory dishes.

"The truth is, coffee's roasted quality, bitterness, and acidity makes it a perfect complement to sweet, bold, earthy, or nutty ingredients, ultimately yielding a taste combination that is surprisingly complex." -Epicurious

Above: our Death Wish Coffee infused Onion Chutney [see recipe here]


Coffee is being used to make clothing.

Coffee's sweat-wicking properties have landed coffee grinds as a fabric. The grinds are washed and stripped of their odor and oils, then turned into pellets, and eventually into thread. 

Check out more unbelievable things made of coffee here.

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