6 Coffee Terms All The Experts Use

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Here at Death Wish, we want all of our fans to become coffee experts. That takes years, of course... but you've been with us this long, right? You've got to start somewhere. Let's get to work!



round, dense bean


Typically, two coffee beans will grow in a coffee cherry. When only one bean is fertilized, however, the result is a bean that has not been flattened by another bean.

These round beans are known as peaberries, and are regarded highly among the coffee community due to a higher density and more even roast profile. 


Where to find peaberries? Peaberries make up about 5% of most coffee, and you can find them in Death Wish, Valhalla Java, and Barrel Coffee. Try and find one next time you order a bag!





A more widely known term, the shade of a coffee refers to its color. An easy way to refer to shades are light, medium, and dark. There are many shades in between, but these cover the basics.

Death Wish Coffee is a french/vienna, while Valhalla Java is more of a vienna. Alternately, Barrel Brand Coffee is roasted light to a city. 



Sharp, acidic cup


Brightness refers to a coffees acidic properties and is associated with lighter roasted coffee. You can taste the brightness of a coffee with the tip of your tongue, and it generally brings a lot of other fruity notes along with it. 





The body of a coffee refers to its mouth feel. Some coffees are light bodied and refreshing (like tea), while heavily-bodied coffees are bold and syrupy.  



Less acidic, flavorful

When a coffee plant is exposed to warm, moist, monsoon wind, the coffee loses a lot of acidity and is left with a strong, rich flavor.


Valhalla Java is a partially monsooned coffee. 




Featured: Dave from Royal Coffee

The varietal of a coffee refers to it's origin. Typically, African coffee varietals are brighter and more fruity, while Central and South American varietals can be more earthy or nutty.



Thanks for taking the time to learn more about coffee!  These are just a few terms of many, you're well on your way to becoming an expert. As a reward, feel free to use coupon code "ireadtheblog" on any of our products. Simply enter the code into the promo box upon checkout. Level up!
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