Coffee, the best ice breaker

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


We could be a little biased over here but if there is one date that rules over the rest, it's a coffee date. It's the best ice-breaker! There are a few reasons why we think so:


1. Mutual Enjoyment


You get to enjoy, together, one of your favorite things! If you aren't enjoying the company of your coffee drinking companion, at least you can enjoy the coffee! ...and if you enjoy both,  Bonus!!


2. Cheap Date


Dates can be expensive! Dinner, drinks, desert, and a movie even! This can be a $100 night! Why not get to know someone over a $5.00 date, you can look like the gentleman...or gentle lady by picking up the tab. Even if you're broke. Im sure you can find enough change on the floor of your car or in between those couch cushions to afford this date. And your date won't know that your last pennies were just handed over....


3. Timely


If you're just getting to know someone a first date can go one of two ways. Amazing! or AWKWARD. Either way a coffee date is great for this. If your date is going well you can extend the date with a walk in the park, but if your date is a little....or a lot awkward a coffee date is the perfect length of time, you can sip and get outta there.


4. Clear judgement


Like many other dates that end with you waking up in a fog saying "where am i?" and spending the next day trying to remember what your dates name was, coffee will leave your mind quick and clear about how it went. You'll be able to remember their name and you won't spend the next 6 hours trying to get rid of the taste of rum....Beside you want to be able to enjoy your morning coffee, not yack it up! 


Let's face it.the experience will be better with matter what! 




Tell us your coffee date stories in the comment section below. 


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