Cold Steel Knives and Weapons used in movies and TV

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Patrick Swayze's character in Red Dawn used weapons made by our friends at Cold Steel Knives in California — and since then, their weapons have shown up in TV shows and movies all over Hollywood. 

"[John] Milius came to Solider Fortune Convention and he has an affinity for what we were doing and he put our knife in there," Lynn Thompson, owner of Cold Steel Knives, said in an interview with Fueled by Death Cast. "Then we got into Platoon and then it started snowballing from there. And right now, our ax gang hatchet is Rick's favorite weapon and you see all of our weapons everywhere, through Into the Badlands and all the new cool TV shows and movies are featuring Cold Steel. And we're really happy with that."

Jeff and Dustin, co-hosts of Fueled by Death Cast, visited the Cold Steel Knives headquarters and talked to Thompson (Jeff and Dustin also threw spears, which was pretty epic). 

Watch a clip from the interview below, and listen to his full Fueled by Death Cast interview here.

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