Our content manager talks about growing up with an NFL dad

By Death Wish Coffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Jim Sweeney, Shannon's dad, played in the NFL for 16 seasons

Our content manager Shannon said growing up with her dad was like any normal family — he traveled for business and went to work every day. It just so happened that his office was an NFL stadium and traveling on the weekends was to play out-of-town teams. 

"It was cool growing up. But growing up, it was like, everyone's like, "Oh, what was it like growing up with an NFL dad?" And it wasn't really any different than growing up with like a regular dad that goes to an office, but my dad's office happens to be a stadium."

Shannon's dad, Jim Sweeney, was an NFL center, guard, and tackle for 16 seasons. He started his career with the New York Jets (11 seasons), played in Seattle for a year, and finished his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers (4 seasons), his hometown team. Now, he's the offensive line coach at the University at Albany, which is what brought Shannon to the area after she graduated college.

Shannon was featured this week on our podcast Fueled by Death Cast. Every month, we talk to an employee of Death Wish Coffee to get their perspective about how the company is growing and changing, what they like to do when they're not working, and most importantly, what fuels them.

Watch Shannon talk about her dad below, and listen to her full podcast here.


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