Here are the countries that drink the most coffee

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What countries drink the most coffee?

Just admit it, the only reason you get up is for the satisfying taste of coffee in the morning. Trust me, I know from experience. Coffee is the one thing that gets me going in the morning, my saving grace. I think to myself "Do people all over the world drink as much coffee as me?" — and then I proceed to pour my third cup. 

So how exactly how much coffee do other people in other countries drink? Let's take a look.

Photo credit: @jonathanpalmerhoffman on Instagram of coffee in Helsinki

Looks like I'm moving to Finland. Finland is the world's biggest coffee drinker, according to data from last year. Who would have thought, huh? According to the International Coffee Organization's (ICO) list of the top 25 world's largest coffee drinkers, Finland comes in at 12kg per person per year (almost 27 pounds total), taking them to the number one spot.

Finnish people consume coffee multiple times a day and for just about every occasion. Whether it be for a casual coffee in the morning, or a post-church luncheon, coffee is the highlight of Finnish culture. The Finns even go as far as requiring a coffee break for specific workers unions — talk about a well-deserved coffee break. 

Coming in second with 9.9kg per person is Norway. Similar to Finland, Nordic culture calls for black coffee with breakfast and with dessert. The people of Norway are also accustomed to inviting friends and family over for casual coffee during the day, and also have a specialty coffee cocktail containing weak coffee and vodka.

Here are the other countries that make the top ten for coffee consumption (in kg per person per year): 

  1. Finland - 12 kg
  2. Norway - 9.9 kg
  3. Iceland - 9.0 kg
  4. Denmark - 8.7 kg
  5. The Netherlands - 8.4 kg
  6. Sweden - 8.2 kg
  7. Switzerland - 7.9 kg
  8. Belgium - 6.8 kg
  9. Luxembourg - 6.5 kg

    Now, to answer the question you have been wondering — where the hell is the U.S.? 

    Well folks, judging from the facts, it looks like we need to step our coffee game up a level. Surprisingly enough, the U.S. is number 25 with 4.2kg per person (about 9.25 pounds). 

    C'mon guys, I thought we were better than that. The average American drinks about 2-3 cups of coffee a day, after all — I think it's time we step it up. After all, when it comes to drinking coffee, the limit doesn't exist.

    We may think that America drinks the most coffee, judging from the huge coffee-shop aesthetic the world has given us, but the facts are there, and the only way we can get to the top is to drink more coffee — oh, darn...

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