Dave Kushner on creating music for F is for Family

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Dave Kushner talks about writing music for television

On this clip from Episode 103 of Fueled By Death Cast, musician Dave Kushner breaks down what its like to compose the music for a TV show. A different mindset from performing on stage with bands like Velvet Revolver, Dave has co-written the theme song for Sons of Anarchy and currently writes some fo the music on F is for Family.

"It's really different," Kushner said. "When I did Sons of Anarchy, I did the theme song first. And what was so cool about to me, which was foreign to me was the fact that you try and cram all of this information into thirty seconds."

Now, Kushner writes music with Vince Jones for the Netflix series F is For Family, created by comedian Bill Burr. Jones and Kushner previously worked together to compose music for Sullivan & Son. 

In his Fueled by Death Cast interview with Jeff and Dustin, Dave talked about what the editing process and creation process is for a show like F is for Family, which is an animated show set in the 1970s. Season 3 of the series premiered on Netfilx last month.

"You sit in a room with the, whoever's the most music focused guy, whether it's a producer or the director ... and you'll basically watch the episode," Kushner said. And then you take notes and you go by the time code."

"And they'll find stuff, and they'll sort stuff," Kushner continues. "So they'll just put in a bunch of stuff, you know, in scenes. And you'll watch it and then they'll say like oh, this is good except it's too schmaltzy. Or this is too dramatic, or this gives away the fact that this guys gonna lose his dog or whatever. So you just sit there and you take notes ... Then you go back to your place and you make a list of okay, these are all the scenes and you just start knocking down the list."

Watch Kushner talk more about TV composing below and listen to his full Fueled by Death Cast interview here.

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