Death Wish Coffee Takes Over New York Comic Con

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

New York Comic Con is one of the biggest conventions in the world and what keeps all those people going? Death Wish Coffee.  We saw hundreds of amazing cosplayers from all around the world coming out to show off their outfits, thousands of fans cramming into the Javits Center in New York City to celebrate  Things got weird, things got interesting and most importantly, things got caffeinated. Below, see a handful of our favorites from throughout the weekend. 

Even Superheroes need coffee, am I right?


"The Captain says you're a friend. I will not kill you." - K-2SO when asked if he wanted a cup of Death Wish Coffee. 


Sh-sh-shivering s-s-spider teeth. That space lady isn't fooling around after taking a chance on The World's Strongest Coffee!

 Red Skull

Red Skull will no longer be cheating death. You heard it here, first.


"You want it, don't you, Georgie? Oh, of course, you do... and there are cotton candy and rides, and all sorts of surprises down here... and balloons, too... All colors." But most importantly, there's some bomb ass coffee. You don't want to miss that.

 Michael Rooker

"I may be as pretty as an angel, but I sure as hell ain't one." - Michael Rooker before his coffee.


"This is but the calm before the storm." 


"No one can win every battle. But no man should fall without a struggle." Spider-man didn't struggle through Comic Con one bit after taking a sip of Death Wish, just sayin'.


Crash Test Dummy

After a long, kick-ass weekend, this guy was the only one who crashed. That is, if you were lucky enough to find our truck this year.


New York Comic Con: Were You Seen? 


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